DEUTZ AG company was founded in 1864 and was the first independent engine producer in the world. Today DEUTZ AG offers a wide range of oil, air, water-cooled engine, which outputs ranging from 25kW to 520 kW. DEUTZ ​​diesel engines are widely used in various areas: agriculture, industry, railways and ships. DEUTZ AG brand has been known for 150 years, and today DEUTZ AG is a strong company and takes a prominent position in the motor industry. Throughout the lifetime of DEUTZ AG worked such deutza famous car designers G. Daimler, Maybach W. R. Diesel, R. Bosch, P. L’Orange, E. Bugatti. DEUTZ AG’s objective – to offer customers the best Deutz engines, parts and services.

UAB JSC “Salvis” is the official representative of DEUTZ AG Lithuania. We sell the original details for these engines at the lowest prices in Lithuania. We sell new engines, and Exchange in DEUTZ AG workshop. Also we repair engines DEUTZ AG.

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