ISO certificate

LST EN ISO 9001:2008  was installed at 2012 -01-09 in JSC “Salvis”.

ISO (International Standard Organization)  – is an international standards for organizing quality in management.

ISO 9001 standard is most popular in Western Europe, USA. Russia still uses old “GOST” standard. China is currently moving to ISO 9001 series standards. Over 1000 companies and organizations are currently Lithuania, which are working according to international ISO 9001 standards requirements. These are usually the most powerful companies in their area.

JSC “Salvis” increased it’s efficiency, internal management methods after installing ISO standards. Now our employs understand better the purposes of the company, internal processes, their responsibilities are clearly defined. And most important – customers can trust JSC “Salvis” more.

In European business companies, which have ISO 9001 standard installed, are kept as solid and reliable partners, which seek not only for short term profit, but also aims to long – term plans and quality. Among which is also and JSC “Salvis”.