Putzmeister Lithuania

Putzmeister was found at 1958 near Stuttgart, Germany. It is one of the biggest manufacturers for the machines, designed to pump concrete, structural mixes, mud, compost and other materials.

2008 Putzmeister achieved a new world record, pumping concrete to more than 700 meters height, when building Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

Putzmeister technique was widely used at the locations of nuclear accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima. Remote control systems enable to manage the technique from over 3 km distance.

Putzmeister machines are especially useful working in tunnels, mines and other places with difficult access.

JSC “Salvis” is official dealer for Putzmeister machines in Lithuania.


Putzmeister consists of the following departments:

Concrete pumps – manufactures concrete pumps. They can be mounted on the truck with a boom, with mixer, with delivery line etc. Also smaller pumps are produced, mounted on the trailer.

Examples of technique:


Mortal machines – produces:

  • pneumatic conveyors (miksokrets) for pumping sand-concrete – floor screed
  • mortar machines: worm pumps and mixers for mortar, plaster, coat, paint etc.
  • small concrete piston pumps


Examples of technique:


Putzmeister telebelt – telescopic booms for transportation of powdery materials:



Industrial technologies – various machines for concrete products manufacturing:


Underground technologies – for concreting tunnels and other underground constructions:


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