Mp25 mixit

The machine with the large reservoir for premixed dry mortar


Easy to disassemble, but difficult to outperform. The reliable MP 25 is a real all-rounder. MP 25 has been well-known for many years in the mixer pump trade for unrestricted operational possibilities and for easy disassembly of the machine. Being a typical Putzmeister mixer pump, you can also completely disassemble the MP 25 MIXIT with effortless ease. The modular groups can then be easily loaded into an estate car or carried up to the upper storey on the construction site. There the hoses are connected up and work can begin!

With a conveying performance of up to 25 l/ min and an operating pressure of 40 bar, the MP 25 MIXIT offers enough performance for a normal day on the construction site. The well-proven low-wearing „Power Pump“ also contributes considerably towards this.

Many mixer pumps have shown in the field that they stir up a great deal of material dust whilst mixing. But this is not the case with the MP 25 MIXIT. It can be driven to almost 100% empty without any danger of dust and segregation. The result is a better mortar quality and less dust.

Suitable for all pumpable premixed dry mortar, whether it’s bag material or from a silo with a conveying system, e.g. interior plasters (gypsum and gypsum lime plaster), external plaster (lime, lime cement, and insulating plaster), self leveling floor screed, cementitious adhesive, and reinforcement mortar. Different pump parts and pump versions can vary the mix and pump output from around 5 to 80 l/min.




Technical data MP 25 MIXIT – 3 x 400 V 50 HZ MP 25 MIXIT – 3 x 220 V 60 HZ
Pump D6 Power D6 Power
Theor. delivery rate* 25 l/min 25 l/min
Delivery pressure 40 bar 25 bar
Delivery distance** Up to 40 m horizontal, 15 m vertical Up to 40 horizontal, 15 m vertical
Air compressor 0.55 kW / 200 l/min
Pump drive 400 V / 50 Hz / 5.5 kW at 392 rpm 220 V / 60 Hz / 5.5 kW at 392 rpm
Container drive 1.1 kW at 23 rpm 1.1 kW at 23 rpm
Container content 115 l 115 l
Water pump 0.78 kW at 3.4 m3/h 0.78 kW at 3.4 m3/h
Weight 240 kg 245 kg
Length x width x height 1,324 x 728 x 1,443 mm 1,324 x 728 x 1,443 mm
Filling height 984 mm 984 mm
Maximum particle size 4 mm 4 mm
Pressure connections M35/V25-40 M35/V25-40
Part no. 111 417.168 111 417.155


* The delivery rate depends on the pump model. The delivery rate can vary in accordance with the pump used.

**The data is based on experience and is dependent on the materials used.





Equipment MP 25 MIXIT – 400 V MP 25 MIXIT – 220 V
Standard colour paintwork Standard Standard
Water pump Standard Standard
Compressor Standard Standard
Suction hose for water pump Option Option
Cable remote control + extension Option Option
Uni remixer Option Option
Insulating plaster attachment Option Option
Air injection hood Option Option
Spacer plates Option Option



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