About turbochargers

Turbocharger is a device often found in nowadays engine. It is designed in order to increase the fulfillment of the cylinders by the fresh air. It is needed for better use of the combustion chamber volume. Turbocharger compresses the air which is going to the engine, this way increasing the amount of the injected fuel. This increases the power of the engine, it’s efficiency, and decreases the emissions.

Turbocharged engines uses exhaust gas to spin the turbo:


The air heats up after being charged, therefore additional cooling radiator is used. It is mounted between the turbocharger and the engine for cooling the compressed air – this way increasing the fulfillment of the combustion chamber even more.

Turbocharger – technically pretty difficult device, because it’s components has to withstand high temperatures, extreme rotation speed (sometimes up to 150-180 thousand RPM), offensive chemicals of the exhaust gas etc.

Turbochargers may fail because of variety of reasons. Sometimes even the smallest malfunction may lead to critical breakdown. Because of technical difficulties of this device and tools needed for repairing it – we kindly suggest to contact professionals in case turbocharger brakes down.


Please contact Mr. Žymantas for all questions of turbocharger repair and the correct exploitation of this device:

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