Geometry repair

The variable geometry system is often used in the modern engines:

Normally when the engine is working at low RPM, the exhaust gas flow is not high; therefore it does not manage to spin the turbocharger to the needed RPM.  For solving it the variable geometry system in the turbocharger is used. At low revolutions of the engine the control unit turns the plates of the variable geometry in the way that a tight, but high speed gas flow would appear. It goes to the boundaries of the impeller. This way the high RPM of the turbocharger is achieved at pretty low revolutions of the engine, and the inflation effect is felt at the low RPM of the crankshaft of the engine.

Because of low quality of the fuel the noxious additives might appear in the exhaust gas. It sticks to the turbocharger parts and the mechanism of the variable geometry. Therefore the plates of the turbocharger start to stick, this way lowering the dynamics of the engine, increasing fuel consumption, increasing smoke in the exhaust gas and the emissions of it.

When this failure appears, we disassemble the turbocharger. All parts are carefully cleaned in a thermal, mechanical and chemical way. The certain parts are grinded in order for all plates would be the appropriate tolerance of height, provided by the manufacturer. After assembling the turbocharger the system of the variable geometry is calibrated by the vacuum device or electronically controlled tester (depending on the controller type).

We would like to emphasize that sometimes straightforward masters of the turbochargers solve the above mentioned problem be simply spraying some chemicals to the exhaust side of the turbocharger and by moving the geometry forth and back. This way only the short-term result is achieved, because the main amount of fur is not removed, and most often in one or two months of exploitation the geometry starts to stick again.

We provide with a six year warranty without a limitation of the mileage to the repair of geometry. But practical experience shows that most of the variable geometry is working with no failures for at least four or five years.

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