Reasons for brakedown

The gas in a very high temperature is flowing through turbochargers – therefore it is necessary to ensure the immunity of the metal against all negative impacts.

Because of the old or the wrong grade oil the shaft of the turbocharger might overheat and breakdown. It also might breakdown because of unfiltered particles, flown into turbocharger together with unfiltered or unfiltered oil. Then misbalance appears, oil is starting to leak, the pressure might decrease in the oil system.

Turbochargers break down also because of mechanical damages. The impellers of turbocharger is spinning at extremely high rpm (often more than 100 thousand RPM), therefore every particle inside the turbocharger might cause lot damage. The example of this might become a damaged air filter which lets the uncleaned air (dust, sand, little stones) inside the air system. Sometimes irresponsible mechanics leave some nuts or washers inside the air system of the engine – on the started engine they fly to the cold side impeller and damage it. This way the fragments of metal might get into the combustion chamber and damage the engine itself.

The other – hot – side of the impeller is often damaged by the particles flown from the cylinder of the engine – e.g. parts of valves, compression rings and similar.

Turbochargers of diesel engines also suffer from low quality fuel. Noxious slag comes to the turbocharger and sticks to it. This fur is blocking the rotation of impeller and the mechanism of the varying geometry. Because of increased temperature the shaft of turbocharger might bend or brake.

You can suspect problems of the turbocharger out of these symptoms:

·         Black, or blue, or white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe

·         Increased disappearance of the oil of the engine

·         Unusual sounds from the turbocharger

·         Oil leakage to the outside of turbocharger, or to the air intake channel of the engine

·         Decreased power of the engine, or the nominal power of the engine is only at certain RPM,

·         Increased fuel consumption


After the repair of turbocharger it is necessary to find the reasons for the breakdown. Also, in order to ensure the correct functioning of the turbocharger it is necessary to change the engine oil, together with oil filter and air filter, check the oil pressure; check the condition of the lubrication system and other components.



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