Turbocharger repair

Depending on the situation frayed parts of the turbochargers are changed in our workshop.

Most usually it is necessary:

●   To change the sliding bearings and fixing rings of the turbocharger

●   To repair (to grind, polish, balance) or to change the turbocharger shaft

●   To change one of both impellers

●   To restore the precise surfaces inside the turbocharger

The body of the turbocharger (the “shell”) at the time of repair is always cleaned in a mechanical, thermal and chemical way. The shaft alone as well as the assembled cartridge (the central part of the turbocharger) are always balanced in the balancing machine.

After the repair of the turbocharger we necessarily change the oil, filters for oil and air, measure the oil pressure. If needed – we clean the air intake system and the intercooler radiator out of the engine oil.

We provide the six-month guarantee without a mileage limitations for all turbochargers we repair.


Please contact Mr. Žymantas for all questions of turbocharger repair and the correct exploitation of this device:

Leader of turbochargers’ repair service: Žymantas: +370-688-86898