Why US ?

Why is it worth to choose US ?

·         We use professional and modern equipment for the repair, test and balance of turbochargers, as well as electronic scanners for turbochargers’ controllers;

·         We have full metal treatment workshop, where we remove broken bolts and pins, grind the precise surfaces of turbochargers, treat parts to exact dimensions of repair, recover damaged surfaces;

·         We have over 10 years of experience of turbochargers’ repair. This enables us to not only restore turbocharger in good quality, but also to find the exact reason of breakdown: some vehicles have typical problems with lubrication system (blocked oil intake or turbocharger lubrication channels), or – for example – chipped intake manifolds etc. By discovering the exact reason of malfunction and removing it we ensure no further breakdowns;

·         We are practically the only service in Kaunas, which not only restores turbochargers, but also dismounts and mounts them back on the vehicle. After the repair we change the oil, check oil pressure and the lubrication system of the turbocharger, diagnose control system of turbocharger and other parameters. This enables us to remove any ambiguity in questions of warranty;

·         We take both removed turbochargers and mounted on vehicle. We also accept turbochargers from other cities via Kaunas bus station or shipment couriers.

Please contact Mr. Žymantas for all questions of turbocharger repair and the correct exploitation of this device:

Leader of turbochargers’ repair service: Žymantas: +370-688-86898